Academic Facilities


The school has a well-equipped library with a large stock of books including Encyclopaedias, Fiction and Reference Books etc. The colossal collection, which ranges from science to literature, lifestyle to religion and information to entertainment, allows the students to read, research and relax. It also subscribes to a number of dailies, magazines and journals to keep students abreast of the global happenings. In addition to this it also has a diverse collection of audio-video CDs on variety of subjects. Besides this, every student is provided with a daily newspaper to sustain a link with the updates of this fast paced competitiveworld. The tranquil and comfortable ambience of the library, which can accommodate more than a hundred students at a time, provide food for thought for the young scholars.

Science Laboratories

For the inquisitive minds, the school has spacious well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The labs, with modern amenities and quality specimens and models, open up a new world to explore the dynamism of learning, to enable the students solve the myriad mystery of science. A separate Science Laboratory is specially set up for primary and middle school classes, keeping in mind the basic concept building of science. These laboratories give the students extensive practical experience to supplement the theoretical lessons learnt in the classrooms. These large, airy laboratories are constantly are hubs of activities, developing scientific temperament and satisfying students’ curiosity.

Multi-Media & Computer Laboratories

In the modern times Computer education is decisive in keep pace with globalization. Two Computer Labs each with 25 networks of PCs with internet connection, assist the students to access the newest technology. Students enjoy demonstration of wide range of educational CDs through PCs and digital projector. Special attention is paid to regularly encouraging and guiding the students for National and International level competitions.

Mathematics Laoratory

The Mathematics lab, fitted with state-of-art furniture and up to date equipment, enables every student to hands on experience. This centre helps the students to open their inquisitive minds to experimentation and innovation. It is also a place where a student recognizes his interest and gears up to achieve his inner potential.

Social Science Lab

Social Science Lab. encourages the young academicians to visualize the pages of History, explore the vast avenues of Geography and other related areas. Care is taken to ensure an atmosphere that is conducive to the pursuit of empirical knowledge and to maximize the use of technology through helpful instructions.

Project Work & Exhibitions

GIS has firm belief that each child is gifted with immense creativity and potential.Such potential and talent are harnessed and channelized through various projects and exhibitions held in the school. It provides the students a platform to exhibit his latent capacity and refreshes him by taking him away from the monotony of the class-room work.

Remedial Classes

In Remedial classes personalized instructions, guidance and motivation are given to the slow learners to identify and eliminate the reasons for their underachievement in particular subjects tobring them at par with their peers. These classes are a boon for the students and help them achieve success.

Professionally Competent Staff

Hard work and dedication are the keys to excellence and the secret of excellence, achieved by GIS lies in its strength of teachers. The School faculty is highly qualified and experienced for imparting education and guidance to the children and help build up their self-confidence, prepare them for their future careers as well as inculcate in them the basic values which are important for self-development and grooming responsible citizens. Most of the teachers live on the campus and are actively involved in extra and co-curricular activities. Teachers’ training programmes and workshops are conducted on regular basis to upgrade the teachers and make them aware of the latest methods of teaching.