Day Schooling

The Day School is for classesLKGto XII. The well planned school timings for six precious hours, which undergo change to meet the demand of summer and winter seasonal conditions. The school ensures that the cognitivedevelopment normally and naturally takes place within a constructive environment; for that a lot of emphasis is placed on creating ‘child-friendly’ and ‘child-centric’ approach. Such anurturing environment enhances students’ experience and exposureand also helps to increase their self-worth. The learning environment is scientificallyplanned and specially created toachieve the stated objectives andthe desired goals. The emphasis ison commitment tomold the minds ofthe students and carefully guide their intellectualand social development along the predeterminedpathway, rich in life’s values and intellectual maturity.The depth of the infrastructure available and scope of the academicexposure provided in a well-structured manner enables the student to pursue their academic goals in a stress free atmosphere.All artistic endeavors, in all the creative fields such as dance anddrama, drawing and painting, music and singing etc. The students areencouraged and ample opportunities are provided to help the students, to grow in confidence and stature.This institution has an outstanding record in the field of sports. The GIS students have participated in, and excelled at various state, national and international levels and school meets.