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Why Are Co-Curricular Activities Important in School?

Why Are Co-Curricular Activities Important in School?

There are multiple benefits of co-curricular activities in the life of a student. Knowing these benefits, every school has started introducing these activities and a wide range of another academic curriculum in the school activities. Participating in these activities help the students in developing various other skills which are outside the knowledge of school subjects. Besides this benefit, co-curricular activities also improve the teaching techniques at school or even at the college level. Every co-curricular activity you participated in your school life will play significant roles in your overall personality development. These days, co-curricular activities are considered an integral part of other school activities because they help in developing the learning process of students. Co-curricular activities are now designed to balance with other academic activities, and the students need to participate in them.

The main objective behind the introduction of co-curricular activities in school is to develop social skills, increase their moral values, improve their intellectual abilities, and more importantly, for their personality development and character building. These activities also put a lot of focus in including other activities like cultural events, sports, yoga, science laboratory activities, creative arts, etc. as they also promote self-development. Often, co-curricular activities are merged with academic activities as it ensures active learning in students and teaching for teachers.

Enhancing self skill Participating in co-curricular activities not only make the students excel academically but also in many other ways. Experiencing success in such activities boosts the confidence level and also enhances many different skills. Not only that being recognized for any form of a contribution to such co-curricular activities will significantly improve a student's self-esteem and leave a positive impact on other performances.

Commitment: Active participation in co-curricular activities by students requires them to make a long-term commitment and the ability to see through it. So students who participate in such activities often can take on a leadership role very early in life. The ability to commit requires a lot of self-discipline, and this quality is quickly developed by participating in co-curricular activities.

Exploring new interest: In today's time, there are hundreds of co-curricular activities offered to students. These co-curricular activities give a wide range of possibilities to students who want to nurture other interests like athletics, arts, etc. Students participating in these activities get an opportunity to explore different fields. As they explore these fields, they get to choose their new-found interest and pursue a future career based on it.

Time management skill: Students who often participate in co-curricular activities develop an ability to manage their time effectively. They know what to prioritize among different options and become proactive. Such students are also creative and can solve problems faster and in a more relaxed manner.

Building social skills: Students from different grades participate in Co-curricular activities. So students who often join in co-curricular activities get a chance to interact with students of varying level. Such participation increases their interaction skills and makes them more socially active.
The reasons, as mentioned earlier, are why co-curricular activities are considered an integral part of academics. These activities not only increase the experiences of both teachers and students but also help in building a better relationship among them. The number of curricular activities and participation from the students' side is much higher in residential schools than in a day school. Sending your child to a residential school will be a wiser idea as it will help in better development of your child. In case, you are looking for the top residential schools in Delhi NCR, then check out GIS.
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